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We glean apple and pear trees only. Please indicate how many of each tree you have and need gleaned.
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Totally optional! We'd love to hear a bit about your trees! Who planted them, when, why do you love them, etc.
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I understand that the gleaning project is a collaboration between Western Cider, Great Bear Foundation, Missoula County Weed District and Extension, and Garden City Harvest. I am happy to share my information with each organization. I understand that the Missoula County Weed District and Extension will be creating a map of all gleaned trees using GIS if I check this box (that will not be connected to my name).
Come drink in your gleaned fruit!
Your fruit will be used in either the hot cider at Garden City Harvest's Pumpkin Party or Western Cider's Community Cider! Thanks for putting your fruit to good use.