Photo by Jacinda Davis


Leadership Committees work a bit like a mini board of directors for each of our gardens. Committee members are community gardeners who also help organize garden workdays and events, maintain the garden’s communal areas, and help educate and communicate throughout the garden – from recognizing abandoned plots and checking in, to spreading the word of the next potluck via phone calls and emails. Garden leaders help cultivate the community in community gardening.

Garden City Harvest depends on leadership committee members – they allow us to add new gardens in the city, while continuing to provide our existing gardens with working tools, efficient communication, and knowledgeable people to teach their garden neighbors. Community gardens wouldn’t be the same without them!

Interested in stepping up to the challenge? Great! 

We love it when gardeners are ready to deepen their commitment to their garden. Our Community Garden staff would love to talk to you about what this means and if it is right for you. Contact Emily at 406-303-0743 or emily@gardencityharvest.org.