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Orchard Gardens is located at 210 North Grove Street.

Sharing Your CSA?

If you are sharing a CSA with another person, be sure to enter the secondary account holder's information at the end of the form. 

Sliding-Scale Applicants

Garden City Harvest sells CSA shares at its Orchard Gardens Farm on a sliding-scale based on household income. If you wish to be considered for a sliding scale, reduced cost share of vegetables, you must complete the questions on this form relating to sliding-scale applicants. Your information will be kept confidential.

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Please answer the following questions regarding EBT/SNAP benefits and household income. For household income, based on the number of people in your household, use the appropriate drop-down option below to indicate your total household income. NOTE: Total gross unadjusted income is the amount of money your household brings in before subtracting any taxes, payments, bills or withholdings.
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Please indicate which share you'd like. SLIDING-SCALE APPLICANTS If you select the sliding-scale option, please download the Income Data Form linked at the top of this page to determine your income category for the sliding-scale options.
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Did someone refer you?
Did someone refer you?
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