Looking Good, Northside!

Garden City Harvest’s Northside Community Garden had the honor of being included in the Missoulian Garden Tour last weekend, where visitors could enjoy a self-guided tour around the many gardens scattered throughout our fair city.  This past week, some volunteers from Youth Harvest and some Northside Garden Leadership Committee Members and gardeners helped out to beautify the garden.  The compost pile was turned, abandoned plots were cleaned up, and black plastic was put down to control weeds. Everything looked great!

In the next days, visitors walked around the plots and marveled at the flowers, the purple peppers, the artichokes, the huge heads of cabbage, and the pumpkins that have grown to the size of bowling balls, but have not yet turned their familiar orange. Visitors also enjoyed seeing other features of the Northside Garden including the food security plot (for neighbors in need to come and pick their own veggies, tended by volunteer gardeners and Garden City Harvest staff), the children’s garden, the fruit trees, the raspberry patch, and the community squash plot.

The favorite feature, however, was the hops tipi that stands beside the tool shed.  Everyone who saw the tipi wanted to go inside of it.  The tipi stirred the imaginations of these folks and made them wonder what they could do in their own backyards.

A big thanks to everyone who came to visit our wonderful garden and those who came to help make it even more beautiful than it was to begin with!