What to eat while watching Shakespeare

For me August always holds a little dip in morale.  We are all generally fatigued by the feverish pitch of planting, weeding and harvesting for months without putting our heads up for air.  By now, most of the pressing needs have been attended to and if there’s any that are still there, it’s probably too late to do anything about it (or at least that’s what I tell myself).  Just around the corner is a lot of heavy harvesting to do onions, potatoes and winter squash, oh my), which will make things, once again, busy, urgent and exciting.   Impending frost is truly a motivator.

In the meantime, let’s talk about something I love about August, Montana Shakespeare in the Park!  Every year during the first week of school, the University of Montana hosts two evenings of fantastic acting under beautiful summer skies (or ash-filled smoky skies, as was the case last summer).

There are many things to love about Shakespeare in the Park (in addition to the obvious challenge and reward of trying to understand Shakespearean English), such as the fun of being able to spy on the audience, the excitement of unpredictable weather and the chance to realize how old you are as you observe the incoming freshmen.   But what I really love is the picnic. Picnics are always great, whether simple or grand.  Here’s what is on the menu this year.


Likely additions include goat cheese, baguette, olives, peaches and whatever the rest of Team Orchard Gardens brings.  Also pretty napkins, good company and excellent drama.  Bravo!