Getting into Gear!

On the Farm

Garlic recipe below. . . Scroll down!

We are getting into our rain gear, then our sun gear…then our cold weather gear, then wait…back into our sun gear! Yep, it’s that time of year, where the weather is changing just as fast as weeds are starting to pop up!  We are taking it all in stride out at the Youth Farm.

Leah and her dog BOB

New friends, and old

Meet Leah: Ready to take on the challenges of farming, weather and a good hard days work, Leah enthusiastically joins the Garden City Harvest team! You may recognize her most recently from The Red Bird restaurant, but don’t be misled.  She loves playing in the dirt, and is enjoying growing food for the local Missoula community out at the Youth Farm.




Tracy at the Youth Farm

The Youth Farm has been blessed with two returnees from last season — Tracy and Courtney. This will be the third season these gals have worked on the farm. We are excited to have harvested beautiful veggies for our CSA members going on three weeks now. After the fall/winter without fresh greens, all seem excited to get some hearty green stuff in their bellies!

In other news. . .

This week marks the start of the Youth Homes day programs. Thanks to all the Teens going through safety trainingteen Youth Homes, the Youth Farm is kept in tip top shape and the CSA is harvested with tender loving care. We make and share delicious lunches together and are working rain or shine.

We were all excited to join the Tom Roy teens at Home Resource for a wood working workshop.  The birds of Missoula will be happy to gather in their ten new homes created by the hands of the Tom Roy gang!

Ceara drilling the birdhouse doorThank you to all the fantastic Youth Farm volunteers and employees for all your work!

What’s growing and getting harvested this week on the farm: Expect to continue receiving delicious hearty greens. With a little color of radishes next week, and keep your fingers crossed for baby carrots.

A recipe of sorts.  If you have some stored garlic from last summers harvest, here is a great way to continue receiving the powerful garlic benefits when you think it is past its prime!!! AND get ready, fresh garlic is just a month away!

Rub the excess skin off the head of garlic, but do not separate the cloves!  Next, slice off the top of the garlic head, exposing the ends of each clove.  Place the head (or multiple heads), exposed tips up, in a piece of foil.  Drizzle a tablespoon of olive oil over each and close up foil.  The garlic should be all enclosed in the foil packet now.  Bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes to 1 hour, or until garlic is tender all around.  Unwrap the foil packaging and let sit to cool. garlic
Go to this link for some great Dressing recipes that utilize roasted garlic!

Or…spread the roasted garlic over freshly baked bread!!! YUM!  This can be a hit at your next spring BBQ!

If you would like more information about the Youth Farm and our goings-on, please check us out at and, and check out more blog posts!