Show your love for the PEAS Farm

Happy PEAS Farm lesson

Join us on December 9th, 6 pm, at the MCPS Business Building, 915 South Avenue West!  And help us spread the word — and invite your friends, too!

The GCH/EVST PEAS Farm sits on 10 acres of Missoula County Public School land. Over the past six years Garden City Harvest has been working with the City of Missoula and MCPS on a new long-term lease for this property, including the 3 acres of playing fields south of the farm.

The end of this long process is in sight! The School Board will be considering a 40 year lease with the City of Missoula (who would then sub-lease to Garden City Harvest) at their board meeting on Tuesday, December 9th. Help us secure this community resource for 40 years to come by showing the School Board how important this is – whether you’re a parent, teacher, student, volunteer neighbor, CSA shareholder or just a fan of the PEAS Farm.  Filling the room with PEAS Farm supporters who are willing to simply stand in support of the farm, would show the trustees how beloved the PEAS Farm is to this community.

No need to comment, just come and stand with us. Garden City Harvest Executive Director, Jean Zosel and PEAS Farm Director, Josh Slotnick will comment, asking supporters to raise their hands to show they are there in support for the farm!

Student seeding

The PEAS Farm is an outdoor classroom for students of all ages, from pre-school through university. We host 4,000 kids on educational farm field trips each year, and provide bus transportation. We grow tons (literally!) of food for the Food Bank, farm CSA subscribers, volunteer workers and more. This farm is a place where community members of all stripes come together to work, eat, and grow in the fields.

How to help:

The School Board will be considering a 40 year lease with the City of Missoula (who would then lease to us) on Tuesday, December 9th, 6 pm, MCPS Business Building, 915 South Avenue West. To see the agenda (we are #11) click here, and download the agenda.

Other ways to help:
1. Share this on Facebook: “Join me to support the PEAS Farm as they ask the Missoula County Public School Board for a 40 year lease on December 9th, 6 pm at the MCPS Business Building, 915 South Avenue West.”
2.  Call five friends and ask them to come to the meeting.
3. Email 10 friends and link to this blog post, inviting them to the meeting.

And thanks for being part of this community farm.