Introducing our 10th community garden

Please join us in welcoming Ivy Street gardeners to our community gardening family.
The HUGE Natures Best crew and Garden City Harvest community gardens program staff at the big dig day.

The Ivy Street Garden, Garden City Harvest’s 10th community garden, has been open for nearly a month now. Opening Day for Ivy Street was June 6, and ever since then its gardeners have jumped right in. Plots are planted and looking beautiful – a welcome new sight for neighbors.

IMG_0124Previously, the little park that is now the home of the community garden was labeled an under-used park – until a Derek Smith, a neighbor, approached Garden City Harvest to turn it into a community garden. The creation of the Ivy Street Garden was a joint collaboration between the Rose Park Neighborhood Council, Missoula Parks and Rec, Nature’s Best, Inc. landscape company, and Garden City Harvest. We had wonderful funding support from the Office of Neighborhoods and Missoula Organization of Realtors. Read more about its construction in this Missoulian article.

Nature’s Best made creating this garden a breeze — with a crew of 25 the garden was built

Derek Smith -- neighbor and Natures Best employee, and Patrick Long of Garden City Harvest on the big dig day.

almost completely in a day! Derek Smith’s dedication was amazing, and he helped Patrick Long, our Community Gardens Maintenance Coordinator through every step of the construction.  We now have a fence, beds, and each bed has its own hose bib (great for drip irrigation!).  We also have a beautiful shed.

The result: a beautiful community garden in the Slant Streets area – the first in this neighborhood.

IMG_0171 IMG_0170

Feel free to swing by the Ivy Street Garden and check out what’s going on. You can find it at the triangle-shaped intersection of Ivy, Marshall, and Franklin streets.

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