Bringing Community to Community Gardens

On a basic level, our Community Gardens mean a physical space and the needed resources to produce fruits and vegetables.  For many of us, however, these spaces are so much more.  Whether it’s simply time spent outdoors engaged with the earth, or an opportunity to connect with your community, form relationships, and work toward a common goal; Community Gardens offer much more than space, tools, and food.  Next time we are out at the gardens, let’s take a minute to dig into the community side of things a little deeper.

Here are a few simple ways you can do so:

Attend an organized garden event.


Our dedicated Leadership Committee Members work hard throughout the season to offer opportunities for gardeners to become more engaged with their gardens.  At least a few times each season we host garden workdays and social events.  It may be an evening spent planting, harvesting, or maintaining the communal plots around the garden, or simply a time set aside for mingling and sharing food amongst fellow gardeners.  These events offer a great opportunity to assist in the efforts of the greater garden community, and to become more engaged with your garden and those you share it with.

We post details of events at the gardens, and send out email notifications.  Keep an eye out and come join in the fun!

Engage with fellow Gardeners.


Our lives are often hectic, and we may be pressed on time to even give our gardens a quick necessary watering.  But when time allows, take a minute to chat with a neighboring gardener.   Whether you are brand new to the scene, or have been tending your plot for many years, there are always friendly new faces to meet.  You may share a few garden tips, tackle a community project together, or even develop a lasting friendship. If nothing else, you may make a friendly acquaintance to help out with the watering when life gets crazy.

Help out around your Community Garden.


Sometimes our lives just don’t allow for us to attend the organized garden events.  But that doesn’t mean that you can’t lend a hand.  If you notice a communal area is looking pretty weedy or dry, maybe you have the time to give it a little love?  Or the tool shed has really become a mess this week, maybe it could use a quick tidying.  Who likes having to dig through a mess to find the needed tool?  When you have the time, take a look around to see if anything needs some attention.  Your fellow gardeners will greatly appreciate it!

Whether you choose to attend an organized garden event, or to engage with the garden and others around you more organically on your visits, we encourage you to dig into the community aspect of your community garden a little deeper.   Engaging with the community of your Community Garden helps make sure that these spaces are as vibrant and productive as they can be for all of us.  It can be really fun and rewarding too!