Three Greens to watch for this week, & radishes!

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Greens will be a big part of what you are eating in your CSA box each week. Salad greens and greens you cook with. Here's a breakdown of what to expect. 

While you can do a whole host of things with these greens, the list is particularly great for Asian spices. So get some rice cooking, and here we go. . . 

Mustard greens, we have several varieties: 

You can eat these raw or cook them. 

  • Mizuna (mild)
  • Tatsoi (mild)
  • Red Giant (hot)
  • Green Wave (hot)

Everybody loves to hate mustard greens. But they are so tasty! And spicy!


Easy 30 minute vegetarian main dish!

Easy, quick

Sub for collards here

Beet greens (look for the purple vein in the leaf): 

Great for cooking. You can use them raw but I can't speak from experience because I never have. I sub them in recipes that call for chard or other greens that take less cooking time like bok choy, mustards, and maybe even spinach, thought that cooks a bit quicker. 

Try this recipe 


You may think you don't like radishes. But have you tried them roasted? That means you can add them to your stir fry. 

Bok Choy

I usually find myself stir frying bok choy. It has the most succulent stalk and holds sauce well. It doesn't have to be in an Asian dish, either. Though it is delicious in one. 

Here are two to try: 

Garlicky (this you can make with what you have on hand)

With soba noodles (a bit more complicated, but some of you will have carrots this week, and this recipe calls for those!)

Just winging it in the wok with a solid ginger-sesame oil-tamari/soy sauce combo is always a great idea. 

A few folks on the Facebook group had some suggestions that were great (thanks Grace Decker, Jodi Allison-Bunnell, and Maria Kendra!): 

  • Salad + protein (chicken, fish, other favorite meat with a light marinade) = great dinner. For picky kiddos, keep the ingredients separate. Use fruit, nuts, cheese to spice it up! 
  • Breakfast soup (keep some broth on hand and wilt your greens right in! Add sausage, and you've got it) 
  • Breakfast greens, wilt them in with your eggs, or just fry them up in the pan separate. Kale gets crispy fast if you shred it and put it in a hot pan.