Garden City Harvest Fruit Gleaning


Need to get some fruit off your hands? Here's what to do:

1. If you have a pear or apple tree (sorry, no other fruits), just fill out this online form.  If you prefer to talk to a person, you can also call our office and speak to Erin, 406-523-3663).

2. Within one week, we'll give you a call to confirm details, and swing by to pick your fruit. You will know it was us because we'll leave a note on your door when we're done.

3. Your fruit will turn into nonalcoholic cider that we serve at the PEAS Farm Pumpkin Party on October 13th!

4. Any extra fruit that we can't donate or press ourselves (and there will surely be some!) will go to Western Cider's Community Cider this year.

What is gleaning?

When life gives you apples and pears...well, you make cider.

When life gives you apples and pears...well, you make cider.

To glean: To collect gradually, bit by bit; to gather leftover grain or produce.

Years ago, Garden City Harvest and the PEAS Farm university students began offering a fruit gleaning service for it's surrounding neighbors in the Rattlesnake Neighborhood where ripe fruit trees, humans and bears can be a hazardous combination. In the past, neighbors would just call the PEAS Farm landline and within a few days a pack of students would head out to find the tree(s) based on word of mouth directions written on a scrap of paper.

Today, this program has expanded from it's humble roots, but we still offer the same service to anyone in the city of Missoula who needs help harvesting their apples and pears. Bit by bit, PEAS Farm students will harvest and collect unwanted or leftover fruit from trees around town, and take them off your hands.

This year we've teamed up with a couple local partners. We are working with the University of Montana GIS in an effort to map every fruit tree in Missoula, and we will be giving all the extra fruit we can't donate or use ourselves to Western Cider for their Community Cider batch this year!