The 3 Best Ways to Deal with Tomatoes

Tomato season has been slow to start this year, but it has arrived! Tomatoes are the essence of summer and they don't last long. Don't let them sit on your counter and turn to mush. Check out these recipes below for some new ways to process and eat tomatoes. 

Sun Dried Tomatoes

You can dry tomatoes in your oven, in a dehydrator, and the sun, of course!

This weekend and next week is suppose to be warm and sunny so check out this easy way to make sun dried tomatoes at home with a baking dish and net or cheesecloth! 

Freeze Tomatoes

If you find yourself with too many tomatoes and too little time, just freeze them whole! Fill up a freezer bag with as many ripe tomatoes as you can and throw them in the freezer for later use.  They will be soggy once you defrost them but they'll be perfect for sauce, soups and juice.

Tip: If you have fifteen minutes to spare, puree the tomatoes first and then freeze the puree. So fast, so easy.

tomato pie.jpg

Tomato Pie. Say What...?

Ever heard of tomato pie? Clare Vergobbi, the farm assistant at Orchard Gardens Farm has a recipe that I am dying to try! Check it out! It's a great way to demolish a giant heirloom tomato (or a few) in one quick and easy dinner.