Green Eggs and Ham!

For the last day of our Greens Challenge the Community Gardens staff team took on breakfast. . .Here are Lauren and Emily on breakfast two ways:

Okay, so there isn’t really any ham in this blog post.. But we couldn’t resist the name….Here are two delicious ways to eat your eggs and greens in the morning!

  1. Green Egg Open Face by Lauren


Prep Your Ingredients! For this breakfast, I cooked two eggs, sliced some tomatoes and cheddar cheese, and chopped up my mustard greens and scallions. I used these ingredients to prep two different style breakfasts. The first was on toast, the second on a bed of mustard greens.

The two styles got the same ingredients (except for the toast) just in different orders.

Ta-Da! After a sprinkle of salt and pepper, an apricot half, and some fresh coffee, breakfast was served!

2. Green Egg Nest by Emily

Directions: Add a little oil or butter into a pan and start warming up your pan on medium or medium-high heat. Meanwhile, chop your greens-of-choice into thin slices. This makes the cooking faster and eating easier. To slice your greens thinly, just grab a handful of greens and pin them in a bunch between your fingers and the cutting board while you slice thinly with your other hand.

This morning, I chopped a mix of mustard green mix, spinach and kale.


Once the oil or butter is warmed, add your greens. These will cook quick so stir them around for a minute or so, and then push the greens to the edges of the pan, so you have clean space in the middle of the pan to crack an egg. The goal is to not cook your greens completely, since they will finish cooking with the egg.

Crack your egg or eggs into the cleared space you just made in the middle of your pan. You may want to add a little more oil or butter first if you don’t want your egg to stick.

Turn the burner down to low, and let cook sunny side up. Some egg white will run into your greens but that’s okay! It will only help the nest stick together more. To speed up the cooking process, I often add a touch of water and then a lid over the pan to steam my egg.

Once the yolk of your egg is cooked to its desired consistency, scoop your green egg nest off the pan and onto your plate. Enjoy!

Egg in a Nest