Eating Your Greens

Fresh farm and garden vegetables are a delicious and nutritious joy! Often in grocery stores vegetables are cleaned with tops removed, so as you harvest your veggies you may have found yourself wondering, "Can I eat these greens?" Eating your greens is a great way to utilize the whole vegetable. The greens of radishes, carrots, beets, etc. are easy to incorporate into your meals, and you can use them in place of other greens like spinach or kale. Try them sautéed, on salads, in frittatas or fritters, or even throw them in a smoothie! They also add nice flavor to stocks, broths, or soups.

Radish Greens Soup from Slow Club Cookery

Radish Greens Soup from Slow Club Cookery

So rather than throwing those carrot tops into the compost, why not try a new recipe? A simple search online reveals that you can make a pesto out of just about anything. This recipe utilizes carrot greens as well as other yummy garden additions like mint and green onions.

Soups are always an nice way to experiment with new ingredients. This soup calls for the whole radish. Coconut milk is used to make a yummy, creamy vegan soup.

You could also swap out out marinara for a paste made with young beets (root included) and feta. Simple and delicious!

Before you throw those greens into the compost, think about how you can experiment and maximize your harvest. Have fun and get creative!