Field Trip FAQ

Who is in charge?

Jason Mandala is our Farm to School Director. His phone number is (406)239-5524. His email is

What’s expected of the teacher?

Teachers and chaperones are encouraged to participate throughout the field trip and enjoy the visit.

Your main responsibilities include:

Keeping a total count of the students in your group

Allowing students to make discoveries on their own

Helping facilitate proper behavior of students

Being alert to potential hazards on the farm

Having fun!

Can the farm field trip tie into what we are studying and learning in class?

Yes, we would like the trip to be an integrative part of your curriculum needs, reflecting current and future classroom topics. Please contact the Farm to School Director with ideas regarding classroom curriculum connections, or call him at 239-5524.

What if the weather is bad?

We will expect to have the field trip rain or shine. Please contact the Farm to School Director by 8:00 am the day of the trip if you will be unable to attend.

What do we need to wear and bring?

We will be outdoors for the duration of the field trip. Please have students and chaperones arrive prepared for the weather – waterproof boots, long pants, warm jacket, and dress in layers! Please have all students bring a water bottle and wear sunscreen if it’s sunny!

Will we be working?

Because of the great education and service learning potential, we encourage participation in farm work if appropriate. Students may help harvest vegetables, feed animals, turn compost, and so on.

Will there need to be chaperones in addition to teachers?

During the field trip we may break off into small groups of 5-10 students. During this time we recommend an adult stay with each group. Chaperones/parents are welcome but if it is not possible to arrange for chaperones, your group is still welcome. We simply need notice of this in advance.

How many times can we visit?

We encourage multiple visits to the farm as it is a constantly changing place, but field trips are subject to availability.

Is the farm safe and wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, the farm is not officially wheelchair accessible, but we welcome all students including children with special needs. We have taken all necessary precautions to ensure safety during field trip visits, however the PEAS Farm is a working farm. This means there may be tools, irrigation equipment and other hazards present, and the ground is often uneven. The farm is certainly not a dangerous place, but keeping a careful eye on students is important.

Is a snack provided?

A snack is not provided, however we can arrange time for a snack during the visit. Usually, we allow some time to try out a few bites of freshly picked veggies!

Is there parking?

There is parking, and room for a school bus and multiple cars at the farm. Please notify us beforehand of approximately how many cars/buses you anticipate so that we can ensure enough parking space is available.

Where is the farm?

The PEAS Farm is located at 3010 Duncan Drive in the Rattlesnake. Follow Greenough Drive (on the west side of Rattlesnake Creek, it turns into Duncan) approximately 1-1/2 miles north from the I-90 underpass. The farm is on the right just past Mountain View Drive.

How do I schedule a trip?

Please contact the Garden City Harvest’s Farm to School Director, Jason Mandala, to schedule a trip. His phone number is (406)239-5524. Space is limited so schedule as early as possible!