Beginners' Foray into Seed Saving

As our spring vegetable crops begin to wane, i.e. your lettuce tastes bitter, and your peas are starchy and dry…Instead of ripping all the plants out and tossing them in the compost, think about saving seeds from these crops for next year! Turns out peas and lettuce (and tomatoes) are great crops to make your first foray into seed saving.

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Zucchini 3 Ways

Zucchini is a fantastic veggie that you can add to almost any recipe. Eat it raw. Roast it. Saute it. Noodle it!

Zucchini certainly isn’t a veggie you’ve never heard of, like Kohlrabi might have been. But it is one that has so many uses from soups to souffles that it is good to branch out with this old friend.

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