The 'watchman' of the garden

If a sprinkler wasn’t working or a lock needed replacing at the Garden of Eaton community garden, Frank Smith was there to do it. At 90 years old, he didn’t work for the garden, but still kept a watchful eye on it from his house next door, and maintained it meticulously.

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The Real Dirt: Farm Party Recipes

Garden City Harvest receives a lot of requests for Farm Party recipes following its annual event, and this year was no different. But the story behind the gathering and how the food is prepared is just as important as the recipes themselves.

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The Real Dirt: Herb Your Enthusiasm

It’s that wonderful time of year when the garden is starting to fill in and long gone are the first cold days of spring. It’s the time of year when the parsley you planted starts to produce, the basil begins to bud and the spring arugula begins to go to seed. Buying bunches of fresh herbs at the farmers market is practically irresistible. 

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