Arugula goes from garden to lunch at Missoula’s Meadow Hill Middle School

Missoulian, Keila Szpaller, 10/6/2014

Most of Kim Olsen’s seventh-grade Spanish class at Meadow Hill Middle School had never tasted arugula until they picked the savory greens they have growing in cold frames just south of the school Monday morning. Jozzy Flores, left, samples the product of her labor while fellow gardeners Erin Luvke, Emma Jacobson and Jordyn Amaya wait for the verdict. “This is the first year for the cold frames,” says Olson. “With cold frames, we’re able to garden year-round.” After harvesting the greens Monday morning the class took them to the school cafeteria where cook Ramona Last Star marked the containers to be served during lunch. Olson’s Spanish classes have been growing vegetables since 2009 thanks to Garden City Harvest’s community garden next to the school that donates the space. MORE