Community Garden "Watchman" Memorialized with Mural

Last Saturday, Garden City Harvest staff, gardeners, neighbors and family members of former gardener Frank Smith gathered together to paint a mural on the tool shed at the Garden of Eaton to memorialize and celebrate Frank and the garden. 

"If a sprinkler wasn’t working or a lock needed replacing at the Garden of Eaton community garden, Frank Smith was there to do it. At 90 years old, he didn’t work for the garden, but still kept a watchful eye on it from his house next door, and maintained it meticulously.

"Smith passed away in January, leaving behind not only his family, but his beloved garden plot at the community garden tucked behind Blessed Trinity Catholic Church. He quickly became a figurehead of the garden after it opened in 2009..." and was known as the garden's "watchman." (Neuman, Matt. 'Community garden watchman memorialized with mural.")

For the complete Missoulian article about this event, click here. 

Despite the stormy skies, fellow gardeners and family members of Frank Smith gathered to pain the mural on Saturday. Click on the image above to scroll through photos of the day.