Community Garden News: Closing Day

The gardens have almost come full cycle and soon the community gardens will look as they did on Opening Day.  Community Garden Closing Day is this Saturday, October 20th!  Closing your plot for the season is a two part process.  Check it out…

Step #1: put your garden to bed for winter

Click here for instructions on how to close out your plot. Please note that all plots need to be put to bed by Closing Day – Saturday, October 20th.  Plots that are not cleaned out by that date will be considered abandoned and will be cleaned out by Garden City Harvest.  We like to ensure that our gardens are tidied for winter and that gardeners have a fresh slate to start from come spring.  Please contact Linda, or 406-239-8236, if you have plans to close your plot after Saturday, October 20th.

Step #2:  complete the community garden survey

You can either fill out an online survey or a hard copy located inside your garden’s shed.   The survey gives us your updated contact information and let’s us know of your plans to return in 2013.  Thank you for giving us feedback on your community gardening experience.

I hope you all have a wonderful fall and winter.  Before you know it we’ll be beginning the cycle all over again.  See you next spring!