MPG Youth crew getting down and dirty

MPG Youth Crew. Photo by Courtney
I am pleased to introduce this weeks guest blogger and photographer, Courtney. . . She’s a member of the crew, and we found out today a master photographer!

From Courtney. . .

This weekend the MPG youth crew gathered up at the top house to work in the educational garden.  While working in the educational garden we spread top soil for the new seed orchard. Next we pulled bark off the raised beds and we had a bunch of fun finding the biggest and fattest of the pine bark larva. With all of us spreading out top soil and racing to see who could do the most beds, we completed that job in no time.

Compost Shovelers. Photo by Cori Ash

From the educational garden we headed over to the top house garden and the day got to be pretty crappy. Literally, we shoveled hundreds of  pounds of cow poop, spreading it around the vegetable garden and all the fruit trees. We learned that cow poop compost doesn’t really stink, but it sure is heavy!

After shoveling and spreading lots of manure we worked on pruning the orchard trees and figured

A machine. Photo by Courtney


out that pruning feels like a type of art.

Learning to prune. Photo by Cori Ash

We learned what kind of branch’s need to be cut away and how to cut with an angle.

It was a lot of fun this Saturday. We got work done and built our muscles along the way. It is a beautiful site — check it out!


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