Reflections on the last week at MPG Ranch

Youth Farm teens just recently completed their sixth and final week of the MPG youth crew. For these teens working at MPG Ranch was a great opportunity.
For some, working at MPG Ranch was their first job, for others it was a chance to further develop much needed work habits and skills. MPG Ranch work was an opportunity for these teens to feel productive, learn about conservation and research work, and to be in the outdoors in a new way.

Of course, they can say it better than I can. So I asked them to tell us a little about their time at the Ranch.  Here’s what they said:

Tori in the snowTori

Working at the ranch was pretty cool. I think trees are like people they can be pruned and taken care so they can have new and better growth.  Also you don’t want to give up on something like a tree just because you think it doesn’t have a chance.  I liked taking care of all the orchard trees.



I liked working at the MPG Ranch.  I worked on a ranch when I was a kid and enjoyed the work, so it was really cool being back on a ranch. I also like that I learned so much about working with a crew. Your work ethic is really important and your attitude effects not only you but everybody else you work with as well.


While working as a MPG youth crew member I learned about pruning trees and why to use compost. I learned how to work as a team member. I also learned about and started to appreciate nature more. What I’ve learned makes me want to be more careful with what I put in the ground and in the earth, because it could harm animals and wildlife.  My work at MPG helped me to appreciate what people do for wildlife and learned to love nature and have a healthier life style that protects animals and our own bodies.

I had so much fun working at MPG Ranch! My favorite part was meeting new people and learning about their work. I also really liked working on the blog and taking photos of everyone. I would love to work a the ranch again-maybe even this summer.


Working at MPG Ranch was so much fun. I felt really accomplished after pruning the whole orchard, and pulling hounds tongue, and cleaning all the beds for the seed orchard.


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