Selecting Seed: the How What Why and Where from Farmer Greg

It is that time of year when many of us are excited to get seeds in the ground. Greg Price, Director of our River Road Farm, has some tips for where to source seed and how to choose what you want to plant in your garden.

Seeds are often a forgotten part of the art of farming. Sourcing appropriate seeds that are right for our cold climate and short growing season is critical to gardening and farming success.

They hold all the nutrients and energy that a little plant needs for the first part of its life.

At our farms, these seeds hold all the promise of the season, and are handled with care and love. And we put a lot of thought into the origins of our produce.

Plus, listen to Greg read about the sexy lingerie bean!

Recommended Seed Companies (this is just what we use, the companies are not giving us any reward for talking about them — we just love them and are glad to talk about it!):

  • Triple Divide (Western Montana) — Local organic seed company, locally adapted seed from Western Montana —great choice.

  • Good Food Store — Great options for smaller quantities, backyard gardens

  • Johnny’s (Maine) - Employee owned, beautiful, colorful catalog, breeding their own varieties

  • High Mowing Seeds (Vermont) — Smaller than Johnny’s, breeding their own varieties

  • Fedco (Maine) — Super down home, great descriptions (no photos), “About Our Supplier” code

Thanks for reading/watching! And let us know what you’d like to hear about. . .