What to do with your sprouting storage onions & garlic

It is that time of year when little green shoots start peeking out from your garlic, onions and other alliums. This time of year they also just start getting a bit soft and dried out.

So, what to do? Preserve!

For garlic:

Skin the cloves.

Place in a food processor, give it a few pulses so that it is about minced.

Pack the processed garlic in a mason or other jar, and fill the jar with olive oil.

Place in your fridge.

Use for months! Just grab a spoon and measure as you would minced garlic. That olive oil will be delicious as well. . . Pre-garliced!

For Onions:

Chop onions

Saute in a pan with olive oil, butter, whatever cooking oil you love. Cook them until translucent.

Put them in a freezer bag, mason jar, whatever you freeze your goods in.

Label the bag (date, what’s inside including cooking fat used)


I highly recommend keeping a running list of things you have in your freezer outside of the freezer, on a white board, paper, chalkboard, whatever system works, but close to the freezer and attached to a pen/pencil.

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