Soup: best way to use and love all those orphaned veggies in your fridge

Last weekend my husband and I threw a big party up in Polebridge. It was lots of fun. There were friends who made the trip from all over the place, and we soaked in the mountains of Glacier and ate a lot of good food. 

And we had a lot of leftovers, when all was said and done. And not a lot of energy. 

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Some Notes on Yarrow

Yarrow is a perennial, rhizomatous plant that can grow in precarious places (I’ve seen it growing on seemingly sheer cliff faces on the coast of Maine) or, given more favorable conditions, can quickly spread to take over an entire garden bed.

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My top five facts & recipes about scapes

If you haven't seen those green curly scapes in your CSA lineup yet, you'll see them any day now. The garlic is throwing up it's seed head: known as the garlic scape. That's not great for the garlic root underground, so our farmer's nip that seed head off. And we eat it! 

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