Youth Farm CSA: June 18th Newsletter (week 3)

Dear CSA members,

Welcome to the 3rd week of the Youth Farm CSA.  At the Farm, we continue to finish up planting, a job that has been greatly helped by all the wonderful folks we had out at the Farm last week.  The Youth Farm volunteers that made all the planting and CSA harvest happen last week were roughly 25 teens from Youth Homes and employees of Blackfoot Telephone (who we hosted on Friday for United Way’s Day of Caring).

Our crew of volunteers take a break from weeding.

The last few years, the Day of Caring folks have been so great, working at the Tom Roy Home (where we are located) and at the Youth Farm.  This year, volunteers worked on projects like planting broccoli and peppers, and laying drip irrigation, sanding and staining picnic tables, planting perennials, weed whacking and more.  It never ceases to amaze me the number of jobs we get done with so many willing hands.  So – a big thanks to Day of Caring and Blackfoot Telephone.  As for the Youth Homes teens who came out and will continue to come out to the Youth Farm every week for the next few months, next weeks blog/newsletter will be all about singing their praises!

Now on to your veggies! In your share this week you will find the usual Spring line up.   Salad mix, spinach, radishes, Chinese cabbage (bac choi) mustard greens, chard, tatsoi, a   stir fry mixer, kohlrabi, and maybe a few other treats.

Ryan and Myranda at our CSA pick up

As for a recipe, I have three words: wilted spinach salad with bacon.  Okay, so it’s more than three words. And don’t hesitate to change the bacon to elk or deer steaks or whatever else you have on hand.

  • Start with your beautiful spinach, tear it up a bit and put it in a big bowl;
  • Fry up a bit of bacon (say 2-4 pieces).  When the bacon is to your liking remove from heat;
  • Now decide how much bacon grease you want to use, I’d recommend at least a small bit for flavor and discard the rest;
  •  Throw your minced or thinly sliced onion in the pan with a bit of salt and pepper, a splash or so of olive oil and a tablespoon or so of a sweetener (sugar or honey) and let it cook a few minutes;
  • Lastly, add in a few tablespoons of balsamic vinegar to the pan and swirl it around a bit;
  • Pour hot dressing (and bacon) over spinach and toss the salad, and there you have it. If you want, you can grate up your kohlrabi for a fresh sweetness on top. And if you’re feeling totally crazy, try roasting your radishes and serve them on the salad or on the side!

If you would like more information about the Youth Farm and our goings-on, please check us out at and, and check out more blog posts!