What to feed baby

Mother and child
On Easter, I gave birth to a baby girl, Austen Rose, all ten fingers and ten toes of her. It was an amazing time to bring a baby into the light of the world – as more and more of this place comes into view, more and more things bloom and grow. Our daily walk through Greenough Park is filled with the scent of wild roses.

In the last two weeks I have also returned to work.  It has been a really nice transition, and one of reuniting with friends, plants and pests (flea beetles, for example). Plus, Austen can tag along some days.  She is strapped to my chest right now and is feeding away at her favorite current dish, breast milk.

While I’ve been filling my plate with bok choy, carrots and last year’s garlic, I’ve started wondering what will be her first meal. I am hoping you, our mamas and papas of the Garden City Harvest Family will leave a comment with your favorite baby food recipes. Any favorite food mill gadgets? What, besides rice cereal, was your baby’s first meal?

Can’t wait to hear, and so glad to be back.

diaper chnage in Glacier