Youth Farm CSA Newsletter: July 16th (week 7)

summer squash
Farm Update: At the farm we continue to push our way through the weeding season.  The late season crops like squash and corn, basil, and tomatoes, were weeded at least once, and we will very likely visit them again in the following weeks. Although the weeds seem to be taking over the world, or at least the farm, I remind myself that the plants look amazing, and we will catch the weeds.  Its feels like a bit of a game sometimes, chasing weeds around the farm.  Multiple tasks are screaming for your attention, like weed the corn, the new carrots, re-weed the onions, oh the flowers need it too.  We just keep rolling forward and try to stay ahead and then you do it all again.  Although I would love to have no weeds in the field, that is not our goal, our goal is simply to not allow them to go to seed, producing more weeds in the following years. So forward we go chasing the weeds — its nice to know that seasons change.

In your share this week: expect to find, broccoli, carrots, beets, peas, lettuce, salad mix, scallions, cabbage, basil, zucchinis, kohlrabi and maybe a few others as well. In a week, give or take a few days, we’ll have u-pick flowers ready for snipping.

Recipes: So if you all are like me, you might still have some Napa cabbage in your refrigerator. Instead of one recipe, I thought I’d pass on this site for a few fun ideas on how to fix that bugger up.  I really like the spring roll idea!  8 things to do with Napa cabbage

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