Zucchini 3 Ways

Zucchini is a fantastic veggie that you can add to almost any recipe. Eat it raw. Roast it. Saute it. Noodle it!

Zucchini certainly isn’t a veggie you’ve never heard of, like Kohlrabi might have been. But it is one that has so many uses from soups to souffles that it is good to branch out with this old friend.

Now that it is getting a bit warmer, it will be with us for awhile. So here are three ways to cook it.

A quick note: zucchini is a kind of summer squash. Summer squash, whether green or yellow, can pretty much be used interchangeably. Different shapes just make for ways to make it. The more pumpkin shapes will be great for stuffing, the long shapes for zoodling.

If you want some new ways to cook with it, our workshop on 50 Ways to eat Zucchini is coming up on August 7th in the River Road Farmstead kitchen.

How to video

The Recipes from the video:

Zucchini Saute to use all week long: This is the veggies I sauteed for the stuffed zucchini. First, I sauteed some Good Food Store breakfast sausage (it is so good!). Then in the juices of the meat, I sauteed garlic (that’s right! Garlic is around the corner!) and added chard stems,, zucchini chunks, and green peppers—all things from my CSA. Then the chard leaves. I will add this to eggs in the morning, rice or quinoa or over a bed of roasted potatoes for dinner. Or stuff zucchini with it!

Zucchini Boats/Stuffed Zucchini: Cut the zucchini in half, with a spoon scrape out the seeds. Then add olive oil, salt and pepper roast the zucchini until it is almost fork tender, add your stuffing (I used sauteed green pepper, chard, and sausage. . .putting some cheese on top would be a great idea!) and put back in the oven. I went Italian on this flavor profile, but you could do all sorts of things from Mexican flavors, basically a taco in a zucchini, to Greek or even Indian. . . Google stuffed zucchini and you will get all sorts of ideas or experiment yourself from what you have in your fridge.

Mark Bittman’s Zucchini dip (he is a legend in making food understandable — you might have one of his How to Cook Everything cookbook series): I’d never made zucchini dip before — this was a new zucchini recipe to me, which is so fun to find.

Here it is on film. . . And let us know how you use your zucchini in the comments. . .