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Honey Bees, Cows, and Montana Super-Bread: Reflecting on Farmer in the Classroom

I teach Farmer in the Classroom as one of the School Garden Managers here at Garden City Harvest. A few weeks ago, I received a heart-warming email from a parent of a second grade student at Paxson Elementary School. While teachers and kiddos are generally happy to have me visiting their classrooms (“YAYYY, Farmer Lori’s here!”), it’s not often that I get feedback from families.

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Scape Gazpacho!

A few weeks ago, I got this recipe from Ellie Costello, owner of Black Bear Soups (which you will find at the Clark Fork Farmers’ Market), director over at MUD, and former PEAS Farm caretaker. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you still had scapes hanging out in your fridge, so I thought having another scape recipe would be a good idea. . . So here’s Ellie with a new twist on gazpacho—great for hot weather! 

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